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Personal Self Protection, LLC offers training in the areas of...



Do you have a situation or "fear spot" that steals your serenity on a regular basis?  Is there a situation, or potential situation that has you worried?  Let's meet and work out solutions to this nagging "what-if..." that is on your mind. 


People have approached me with these fears, among many others:


"My daughter is going off to college and I'm worried."


"That darn parking deck is always so dark."


"I hate the thought of breaking down on my drive home."


By shining light on the scenario and working through solutions, I work with you to process these fears and offer real, tangible, and applicable techniques and countermeasures.


Just give me a call to get an idea of what I have to offer.  The call is free--the peace of mind is priceless. 



If you have a group that you would like to provide training for, I bring the class to you.  I have taught on location for groups such as:


The Girl Scouts of America

The Roanoke Rescue Mission

The Jefferson College of Health Sciences

Community School, Roanoke


I bring all necessary handbooks, gear, targets, handouts, and protective equipment for well organized training sessions.  My courses can focus on specific topics, or I can provide my comprehensive, eight hour self-protection course. 


My objective is to work with your schedule, and provide excellent training in your environment. 


If you are local and would like to have your group train at my location, I would love to accomodate you.  I recently hosted a teen class that was a huge success. 


Please contact me for details. 




I am a certified MOAB ® (Management Of Aggressive Behavior) trainer.  MOAB ® is an internationally recognized de-escalation and aggression management system that focuses on dealing with aggressive, or potentially aggressive persons with a unified, humane approach.  I have certified over a hundred employees in this amazing system, and would like to talk to you about the benefits of this proactive approach to dealing with potential threats. 


This system keeps employees safer, while reducing potential liability by providing reliable, sensible countermeasures to most conceivable threats. 


Often used in hospitals, schools, police stations, and recovery facilities, this course is a fantastic option for anyone that deals with the public. 


Please visit  for more detailed course information.


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