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I give graduating students a feedback form.  Below are actual comments from students regarding their experience in my full, eight hour PSP course. 





​"Being older and of small stature, I felt that my physical limitations wouldl prevent me from protecting myself by conventional methods.  This program has given me confidence in my abilities to both assess and utilize the methods I have been taught.  Mr. Doughty took all of my concerns and tailored them to my specific needs.  I feel sure that I can determine the severity of the situation and extricate myself."


--Dru A.--

"It was good to hear some of the girl's personal stories and see how some moves work better for some than others.  I've learned a lot of good moves and am aware of which ones I am most likely to use."


--Vanessa S.--

"I learned many things I was previously unaware of in relation to potential weapons and points of weakness on the human body.  Differentiating between responses that disable and those which will cause severe permanent damage or death, I have a greater understanding of what I, personally, am capable of and willing to do."


--Vicki S.--

"...Envisioning situations and talking through different strategies that would be effective in those situations was very helpful and brought up ideas I had never considered."


--Callie A.--


"This class is a game changer.  I am now more prepared to protect myself and believe every person on earth should be taught this at a young age....Just knowing this information gives a boost of confidence that is invaluable."


--Angela W.--



"The initial explanation of "zones" was really helpful-being more aware of my surroundings...Having clear rules--never let someone within four feet--never let strangers in your house, etc, was really helpful.  It was very important to help each person find their go-to move or strategy, and accept that not everyone will feel comfortable with weapons, etc." 


--Katherine D.--


"You have given me the confidence that I can, and will, use my new skills."


--Carolyn C.--

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