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Tactical Flashlights

Regarding tactical flashlights...these weapons are a fantastic choice for defense/escape in mid to low light situations. Indoors during the day, or in low light...these weapons affect your target's vision dramatically, and can give you a decisive advantage when striking.

Practice sidestepping and kicking to the knee or groin...or a swift palm strike to the nose or jaw...or similar move. After landing the first strike, continue your attack until you are able to safely escape or have subdued your target. In very low light situations, you can simply blind your target, switch off your light and flee. Practice with a partner to get a feel for what is possible. I recommend Klarus flashlights, with a dual switch. These flashlights can switch immediately to strobe...which is extremely disorienting.

Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about these versatile weapons.

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