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Wasp Spray v/s Pepper Spray

There has been a bit of a buzz on Facebook lately regarding the use of Wasp and Hornet sprays for self-defense. Here is what I have to say on the subject:

Defensive use of wasp spray is not really a good idea. (excluding improvised weapon use, of course) This is a common misconception, however. Wasp and Hornet spray has a distance advantage over the smaller, pocket sized pepper sprays, but cans of pepper spray similar to the one in the attached photo are equally accurate...and have an effective range of over 30 feet.

Wasp spray, although highly toxic, does not come close to the incapacitation levels of pain that pepper sprays do. The larger pepper spray canisters are much more powerful and much more effective than any other over the counter substance. Plus (from SABRE's website), a person that carries these chemicals (wasp spray) with the intention of spraying them in a person's face, cannot claim "improvised weapon" use, and therefore intentionally misused the contents. Most, if not all, of these wasp spray canisters state that is a violation of federal law to use the contents for any purpose other than the manufacturers intended use.

I am not sympathizing with an attacker that gets a face-full of wasp spray...I am just pointing out that it is possible to get into serious trouble if this is a person's go-to plan. Give it some thought, and consider purchasing these large pepper spray canisters as an alternative to the wasp sprays.

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